REDDING, Calif. – Winter weather and heavy snow conditions are taking a toll on drivers and police Wednesday.

Redding Police Chief Roger Moore said they’re actually not seeing much in crime-related calls, instead, they are seeing an increase in car crashes in the area. 

“We’re running into a lot of people running into things because that’s what happens with snow,” he said. “We’re dealing with downed power lines. There’s a lot of road blockages and just keeping the city running. I know the entire city is keeping its essential services open from water to you name it. So we’re doing the best we can.” 

Much of the city is still without power which has impacted some traffic signals which could also contribute to fender benders and other accidents. 

Even though it has started to rain int eh city, there is still a lot of snow and slush on the roads. 

Chief Moore stressed that residents do not have to be out on the road and that people should stay home if they can to avoid dangerous road conditions. 

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