They used subtitles when Jamie Carragher spoke.

We’ve all been teased by juicy snippets of Man City’s Amazon documentary ‘All or nothing’ which is finally released today.

The fly-on-the-wall film follows Pep Guardiola’s side as they were emphatic winners of the Premier League, smashing a host of records along the way.

We can’t wait to find out what Guardiola and Richard Wright talk about

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We can’t wait to find out what Guardiola and Richard Wright talk about

Whilst City’s documentary will inevitably be a fascinating insight into one of football’s greatest minds, lets remember our humble roots, please?

‘Being: Liverpool’ was the original, the trailblazer and still the best thing that has happened to Liverpool since the Beatles.

The overly-dramatic American production followed Brendan Rodgers’ side during their pre-season tour of North American in 2012.

What better way to start a new era at Anfield


What better way to start a new era at Anfield

The ending of the six-part series coincided with Liverpool’s opening fixture of the 2012/13 season.

It was pure, unadulterated television gold.

Here are five reasons why ‘Being: Liverpool’ will forever be a masterpiece…

1 Rodgers’ Churchillian ‘do it for Lucas’ speech.

David Brent 2.0

David Brent 2.0

In what was set to be Carragher’s final season at the club, Rodgers made sure that he singled out the most important person in the dressing room.

Moments before his sides’ Europa League qualifier against FC Gomel, the Reds demanded that his players put in a performance for the great man.

Lucas Leiva.

The Brazilian was making his first appearance for almost a year and Rodgers used the South American’s attitude to inspire the squad. Okay then.

“Every day of his life he gives everything for this football club – and for you guys,” Rodgers bellowed.

“As well as doing it for the team, do it for this guy. Make sure you get the win for him as well.”

Liverpool laboured to a 1-0 win in Belarus.

Inspiring stuff.

2 Jamie Carragher having subtitles whenever he spoke

Name a better duo, I’ll wait

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Name a better duo, I’ll wait

The Liverpool stalwart was a prominent figure throughout the documentary, in what was the buildup to his final season at Anfield.

The producers decided to honour Carragher in the most touching way possible, ensuring that he had subtitles whenever he spoke.

Despite fellow scousers Steven Gerrard and Jay Spearing also featuring, Liverpool’s No23 was the only one who ever required subtitles.

What better way to honour a departing legend.

It’s never normally difficult for Carragher to spit it out…

3 Rodgers going full headteacher and threatening to send Raheem Sterling home

Pointing is rude, Brendan

Pointing is rude, Brendan

Clearly aggrieved by something, Rodgers pulled the group together to issue about their attitude whilst on the pre-season tour.

In particular aimed towards the youngsters, the Liverpool boss referred to a moment in training with Sterling to make his example.

Rodgers had been instructing Sterling, who was 18-years-old at the time, during a drill.

Clearly not willing to listen however, Rodgers was told ‘steady’ by the youngster.

Channelling his inner David Brent, Rodgers pulled off a “I know what you said, you know what you said, okay? You’ll be on the first plane back.”

Perhaps this is why Sterling snaked Liverpool all those years later?

“I’m moving to Man City”

“I’m moving to Man City”

4 Charlie Adam doing yoga



Clearly the yoga session did absolutely zero good for the midfielder, who is widely recognised as one of the Reds worst ever signings.

The new arrival decided to have some fun during the warm-down, unleashing some textbook banter towards the instructor.

After being told the latest pose was called ‘the cat’, Adam responded with a ‘meow’ and caused the session to be momentarily stopped as everyone had a laugh.

Good one, mate.

That moment earned him immediate acceptance into the squad. Little did they know what they were getting themselves into.

Adam can now be found at Stoke City, scoring from the halfway line.

Forget the Lampard or Gerrard debate

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Forget the Lampard or Gerrard debate

5 When Andy Carroll met James Bond

The greatest crossover of all time?

The greatest crossover of all time?

What better way to prepare for a relentless 38-game season than spending the afternoon meeting James Bond?

Liverpool fan Daniel Craig visited the squad during their pre-season tour to wish the players well ahead of the campaign.

The meet-and-greet provided us with arguably one of football’s most underrated moments.

Andy Carroll nervously chatted with the actor about his jet-lag. Thrilling conversation.

Bookies have slashed odds on the West Ham striker becoming the next 007.

Forget Idris Elba, I think Carroll is the Bond we’ve all been crying out for.

No wonder he is always getting injured after all those stunts.

You can see the parachute if you look closely

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You can see the parachute if you look closely

Liverpool went onto lose their first game of the season 3-0 to West Brom, before finishing the season in 7th place.

Could Man City also suffer a similar fate after the release of their documentary?

Will Guardiola’s side, just like Liverpool, be left to scrap it out for the final Europa League place? Anyone? No, okay.



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