K&K continues to examine the underbelly of Vancouver’s 2018 election by watching mayoral candidates’ campaign videos so you don’t have to.

Next up is Fred Harding, the James Bond-esque figure leading the Vancouver 1st party into continued relative obscurity.

Right off the bat, Harding’s voice and accent is very pleasing on the old ears. It’s like taking a warm bath with Pierce Brosnan or Idris Elba. Not that we’d know what that’s like. We wish.

And Harding sounds very statesmanlike. But he’s also a hand-talker.

Distractingly so.

Then there’s matter of where the video was shot. His stately, well-appointed living room? A funeral home? The reception area of a day spa?  

It’s anyone’s guess, judging by the glass block wall, white fireplace mantel, beige chaise lounges and unnervingly large vases or goblets in the background.

Also, Harding might want to tone down the appearance of refined elegance when he’s talking about how he’d tackle homelessness, the Downtown Eastside and the opioid crisis. Just a thought.

Add to that some wispy, inspirational music and the whole thing looks and feels like a video for joining a New Age cult  or planning your living will. Both of which are very Vancouver-friendly, so maybe there’s been some thought put into it.










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