This week on The Goldbergs, Lainey has moved back to town and Barry aims to win her heart. Find out where to watch the latest episode of The Goldbergs!

Last week was a very special episode of The Goldbergs because the show somehow did the impossible. The episode titled Spaceballs pulled Rick Moranis out of retirement! It was a truly special episode that should have fans wondering who else might make an appearance in the future.

Who else might The Goldbergs pull out of retirement? If I had a request to Adam F. Goldberg himself, it would be to aim for Sir Sean Connery.

THE GOLDBERGS – “Let’s Val Kilmer This Car” – (ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Today’s episode will be the Season 5 finale of the show, and for its conclusion, the episode will end things with a prom night. According to the synopsis, Barry will get a surprise tonight when his long-lost Lainey returns to town. The description says he tries to ask her to prom but she refuses, so he instead plans a massive prank for prom night. The title of the episode is called “Let’s Val Kilmer This Car,” which seems to refer that the prank has a connection to the film Real Genius.

The episode description also indicates a struggle between Erica and Murray over the future of her college. From the looks of it, Murray is not too happy about the decision she plans to make.

Here is the full synopsis:

When Lainey moves back to town, Barry asks her to the prom; but when she says no, he plans a senior prank with Principal Ball’s car to get out of going. Meanwhile, Erica tells Murray she has made a final decision about her future in college and he is furious, insisting she pay her own way for rent and food.

The clip below comes from the official Twitter account of the show which shows Barry immediately trying to sweep Lainey off her feet. Judging from the footage, once again, Barry does not have the best timing. His resilience is admirable though.

To see where to watch it on television or online, see the details and links provided below.

Date: Wednesday, May 16th
Start Time: 8/7 Central
Episode: Season 5, Episode 22 “Let’s Val Kilmer This Car”
TV Channel: ABC
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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