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Donald Trump Jr. mocked CNN, a media outlet repeatedly slammed by the US president, over the alleged links between the Trump campaign and Russia, but it didn’t go quite well for him.

A Tweet aimed at “fake news” media posted by Donald Trump Junior set Twitter on fire, as it included a photo of what looks like a screenshot from CNN. The tweet features a picture of the current US leader with Academy Award-winning actor Sir Sean Connery taken in 2006, as well as pictures of his iconic roles as James Bond and as a Russian submarine captain in The Hunt for Red October. The post busted Trump senior for colluding with foreign agents as well as contained a mock call on Democratic House minority leader in Nancy Pelosi.

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​Trump Jr., claimed by some US media to be the closest advisor to the president, made an attempt to roast the media, ironically admitting that he’s unable to tell if it’s real. It puzzled some users, who fell for the joke, drawing an avalanche of trolling upon him and his father.

Trump supporters echoed his slamming of the “fake news” media.

​Some questioned his comedic career…

​… reprimanded him for his alleged ties to Russia during Donald Trump’s election campaign.

​There were those who couldn’t tell the irony…

​​…and questioned his mental abilities.

​Some hit Trump Jr. with the same ruthless use of Photoshop.

​Others mocked him by posting a photo of porn actress Stormy Daniels, embroiled in a scandal with the US president.

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