One of the wackiest Doom Patrol characters was Dorothy the Ape-Faced Girl, aka Dorothy Spinner. Now, it seems ‘Doom Patrol’ series star Timothy Dalton has confirmed that she will be appear in the live action DC Universe show.

“We’ve just done an episode that we finished last week that took us to the far north of the continent, North Yukon, where I meet an extraordinary young woman who is very hairy and may be even considered pre-human.

This is an almost perfect description of Dorothy, whose power is to bring ideas from her mind to life. In the comics, the first we saw of this was when she brought an imaginary family to life. IMDb lists the characters “Pretty Polly,” “Daddy,” and “Silver Tongue,” for episode nine. These names aren’t exactly the same ones as the imaginary family in the comics, but they’re very close. It’s possible this is the episode we see Dorothy in.

The first episode of ‘Doom Patrol’ is streaming on DC Universe now.

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