James Bond has been a favourite casino movie for a lot of people. First, is the action that comes with the movie that makes the headlines as soon as its movie theatres. The latest movie from the franchise, Spectre, clearly swept away man fans of the movie.

Now, apart from the action, you must have noticed by now that several James Bond movies have him frequenting the casino quite often. In fact, he even goes ahead to play games like Poker and Blackjack.

Read on to find out which best scenes from James Bond movies have made the list.

Dr No from 1962

Right from the word go, James Bond was already ushering us into his expensive and dangerous lifestyle. To make matters worse, the movie starts with him risking it all in a casino playing Chemin-de-fer at the famous Le Cercle Casino.

As always, it’s not a Bond movie if James Bond doesn’t deliver the killer line, Bond…James Bond, to one of his many women. This time the smooth line slays Sylvia Trench who had her eye on him as he was gambling.

The 1965 Thunderball

James Bond always has a way of finding common ground with his enemies or targets if you will. In this movie, there’s a scene where he plays against the villain, Emilio Largo, at a casino in the Bahamas. The game soon turned into a full-blown battle.

However, what will leave your mouth wide open is the fact the scene was shot in Pinewood Studios in London instead of the Bahamas we were all lead to believe.

Diamonds are Forever from 1971

This came as the 6th Bond movie that also saw Connery play Bond for the final time and does this in style. In this movie, Bond engages in a game of craps at a fictional casino known as the Whyte House. He is a good gambler and so he manages to pocket a cool $65,000 from his ventures.

He also manages to seduce the pretty Plenty O’ Toole, just to complete the Bond movie.

GoldenEye form 1965

This is the 17th Bond instalment and features Pierce Brosnan playing Bond for the 1st time. In this movie, both Bond and his enemy, Xenia Onatopp, play a game of Baccarat. This scene is filled with tension and adrenaline.

Casino Royale from 2006

Daniel Craig made his first appearance as James Bond in this movie that featured several casino scenes. Some show him indulge in a game of Texas Hold’Em and he plays against his main opponent and villain, Le Chiffre.

You can also play Texas Hold’Em at or any other table game at casinos like JackpotMobileCasino.

The Stunning SkyFall of 2012

This movie is credited as one that features the most captivating casino shots in the entire Bond movies. One of the scenes is shot at the Floating Dragon Casino in Macau. In this scene, Bond isn’t playing any game, but the scene will leave you collecting your jaw from the floor.

The casino has a fairy-tale setting with tall dragons and lanterns lighting up the scene.

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