The Alliance of Women Composers has finally gotten a new president after Lolita Ritmanis steps down.

The new president of the alliance is American composer Starr Parodi who composed the ‘GoldenEye’ theme for the James Bond movie. Parodi is a composer, pianist, conductor, arranger, and music director. She has also won multiple BMI awards and Key Art and Telly awards.

Former president Ritmanis is stepping down after a two-year stint. She co-founded the alliance in 2014 with Laura Karpman and Miriam Cutler to advocate for more women composers in media music. The alliance currently has more than 400 members.

Parodi’s claim to fame was being invited to become a member of comedian Arsenio Hall’s music band in the Arsenio Hall Show.  She has given the music for hundreds of movie trailers including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part – I and Mission Impossible: 2.  

She works extensively with her husband, composer Jeff Eden Fair, who is also a film and television music composer. Their collaboration on reimagining the theme song for James Bond got them the RIAA Gold Record. The duo also recorded the 1990’s reimagined theme of the ‘United Artists’ logo.

Parodi is a featured composer at the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. She was also the first woman to compose music for the esteemed organization. Parodi is also a passionate and emotional composer. She has conducted five to 95 piece live orchestras for theater, television and film audiences.

Parodi’s latest album ‘The Heart of Frida’ won numerous awards including ZMR ‘Piano Album of the year – Solo’.  This award was given by the International Radio Broadcasters collective. She said that she wrote the album to harness the spirit of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. She was also featured in the 2017 short documentary ‘Women Who Score’.

The Alliance for Women composers currently has Ronit Kirchman, Steph Economou and Tori Letzler as board members. Post a vote, new board members include Anne-Kathrin Dern, Nami Melumad, Esin Ozlem Aydingoz, and Allyson Newman. The executive director of the alliance is Ashley Olauson.

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