IT WAS a scene from For Your Pies Only yesterday when Piers Morgan was paid back for criticising Bond star Daniel Craig for using a baby sling.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was hit in the face with a shaving foam pie live on ITV by comedian Harry Hill. It came after Morgan dubbed the 007 actor ‘emasculated’ for using a papoose to carry his daughter.

Hill told a speechless Morgan: ‘That’s for the guys that wear papooses, all right!’

Morgan, 53, then hit co-star Susanna Reid in the face with his pie, and she retaliated.

The light-hearted fight came after EastEnders actor Ross Kemp demonstrated a papoose on the show. Kemp (below) said: ‘It’s really good for babies. It’s good for their digestive system. It makes you more of a man because it shows you care.’

Reid, 47, said: ‘I think they set women’s ovaries in motion. There’s nothing sexier than James Bond wearing one.’ Morgan was sticking to his guns after tweeting a photo of Skyfall star Craig, 50, carrying the baby with the caption, ‘Oh 007, not you as well?!!!’ and ‘#emasculated Bond’.

It sparked criticism from other stars. Captain America actor Chris Evans tweeted: ‘Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside.’

Craig’s wife Rachel Weisz, 48, gave birth last month.

And over to you: Morgan gets his co-host Susanna Reid PICTURES: ITV/REX

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