It’s been a long time since the fans of Idris Elba first started harassing him on social media about possibly taking on the role as James Bond. However, according to his fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, it wouldn’t be a reasonable proposition for her because she would have to take on more housework.

During a discussion with reporters from The Sun, Sabrina explained her man as having faith in gender equality, but he doesn’t always hold up on his side of the bargain when it comes to doing chores.

Dhowre explained that Idris is already extremely busy with his career, so if he were to play James Bond, it would only get worse.

The model stated she couldn’t even imagine how busy he would be if he played James, formerly portrayed by Daniel Craig. However, she knows for sure “he’d be ten times as busy as he is now.”

And while his schedule would become chaotic, Sabrina believes in Elba because he’s “the perfect guy.” As you may know, Sabrina and Idris got engaged during his directorial debut for the film, Yardie, last month.

According to Sabrina, it shocked her, and she had no idea he would pop the question. Even though it was undoubtedly romantic, Sabrina explained that being put into the spotlight like that was overwhelming.

As for her own career, Sabrina is more than just a model, actress, and the former Miss Vancouver. She’s working in public relations these days.


She added, “actually, I’m in PR.” If that fact may surprise you, there’s a lesson to be learned: it’s that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

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