On Jan. 26, the Musical Theatre West Footlighters presented its Music in the Morning Luncheon at The Grand to more than 120 guests.

MTW Executive Director/Producer Paul Garman launched the afternoon promoting MTW’s production of “Oliver,” now playing at the Carpenter Center until Feb. 24. He also gave an update on MTW’s 2019 productions of “Catch Me If You Can” (March 29 to April 14), and Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” (July 12 to 28).

Footlighters President Marnos Lelesi introduced MTW trustees and board of directors. She remarked that Footlighters have already donated $10,000 to MTW and have already received scholarship donations of more than $12,000. She announced that on April 27, Footlighters will hold their Scholarship Awards Luncheon honoring the recipients who will each perform.

The table decor featured huge white lilies in silver vases set on glass accented with black musical notes. Lucky winners of the opportunity drawings were Dianne and Granville Thurman, and Sara Forster, each winning two prizes. Past President Grace Carroll’s granddaughter Caitlin was a winner. Marnos Lelesi also had a winning ticket – for the prize that she had donated!

Seen at the Scene: Toni Ellis, Pam Dingwell, Donna Estrin, Lynn Danielson, Peggy Miller, Carol Senske, Sharon Civalleri, Darlene Mee, Susan and Robert Green, Marlene Temple, Terry Marte-Greco, Shari and Larry Nemirow, Joan Wells, Phyllis Bowles, Jan Foster, Sande Rice, Jerry Wulk, Feliciano Olague, Jack Gesner, Yolanda Benavidez, Marilyn Lonsdale, Joanne Harber; Audrey Burge, Liz Handley, Carole and Louis Owens, Katharine, Stephanie and Susan Nathon, Kay Berg, Mari Hooper, Roxanne Korzeniowski, Shary Reed, Barbara and Don Hall, and Bev Cook with granddaughter Lauren Ray.

Steel Magnolias 007 Experience

Instead of James Bond’s “Live and Let Die,” the Lashers offered “Live and Let Dine!”

007 aficionados Ray and Lynn Lasher, hosted an entourage of Bond girls (and guys) at Lasher’s Kitchen last month for an evening of intrigue, suspense and espionage. The night was one that was both shaken and stirred as the secret agents had the Belmont Shore restaurant all to themselves. Behind closed doors, the group enjoyed a multi-course dinner, champagne, a curated playlist of spy-worthy tunes and Monte Carlo-style casino games.

Allan and Georgie Kolsky, Shirley Wild, Barbara and Ned Gaylord, Shari and Larry Nemirow, Judy and Don Black, Anthony Gagliardi, Vickie and Jim Sullos. (Courtesy of Steel Magnolias)

The James Bond Dinner proved to be a popular item when it was auctioned last summer at Steel Magnolias’ signature event, Bon Appétaste. Donated by Lynn and Ray Lasher, the exclusive Steel Magnolias experience raised $5000. After the first dinner went to the highest bidders, Lasher was then exposed as a double agent to the surprise (and gasps) of everyone. His next move was to graciously offer a second James Bond dinner to a high bidder. The winner was another Bond gal, Katherine Keesal.

Seen at the Scene: Judy and Don Black, Shirley Wild and Anthony Gagliardi, Vickie and Jim Sullos, Larry and Shari Nemirow, Barbara and Ned Gaylord, and Georgie and Allan Kolsky

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