James Bond is embracing the realities of climate change and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle in his next film. This doesn’t mean that Daniel Craig’s 007 is going to start bringing his own grocery bag on missions, trade in his suits for more sustainable garments, or order his shaken-not-stirred martinis from traceable and transparent sources, but rather that he is swapping out his beloved Aston Martin for an electric vehicle.

Don’t worry, Bond won’t be in a Prius or a Tesla. It’ll actually be an electric version of the trademark Aston Martin he has been driving since Sean Connery took the wheel of a DB5 sports car in Goldfinger.

According to The Guardian, 007 will bring his license to kill and his drivers license and will slip into the seat of an Aston Martin Rapide E, one of only 155 electric, zero-emission cars being built by the British manufacturer.

The car reportedly retails at £250,000, meaning her majesty’s secret service has quite the budget.

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