A set of 12 James Bond movies on Beta! Betamax! Price is firm; local pickup in west San Jose.

6 of the spy’s dozen are in original wrapping (indicated below) which is quite rare. The other 5 are in mint condition, viewed only once or twice.

Never Say Never Again
Thunderball (NEW/original wrap)
From Russia with Love
For Your Eyes Only (NEW/original wrap)
You Only Live Twice (NEW/original wrap)
Diamonds are Forever (NEW/original wrap)
The Spy Who Loved Me (NEW/original wrap)
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
License to Kill
The Man With the Golden Gun (NEW/original wrap)

No warranties, etc. regarding these tapes, I no longer have a beta player to test them. All I can say is that they’ve been indoors ever since purchase, most of the time in a box in the closet.

If interested please reply with a phone # I can reach you at and any questions you have. Yes, if this ad is up, it’s still available (or has sold in the last 30 minutes) so no need to ask that.

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