As a new member of the royal family, Meghan Markle will reportedly undergo specialist driving training in case of an emergency on the road.

Markle married Prince Harry on Saturday, officially making her a member of the British monarchy and the Duchess of Sussex. According to a report by CBS News, this means that she will need to learn to drive “like James Bond” just in case she finds herself in a life-threatening situation one day.

Tactical driving expert Mick Croome told the outlet that every member of the royal family is required to learn certain special driving techniques. The monarchs are trained in evasion and escape, and prepared for all manner of hostile scenarios.

Croome said that he himself has taught tactical driving to a few members of the royal family, as well as police. He explained that Markle would be given the unique skill set as a “last resort.”

“You’re not doing this for any other reason than you have to escape,” he said. “Training comes through in moments of stress. Ultimately, if you’ve got this in your back pocket as a last resort maneuver, then you’ve still got another option.”

Some of the tricks Markle will be taught form the basis of action movies, including the J-turn — where the driver accelerates rapidly in reverse and quickly spins the car 180 degrees, then continues in the same direction.

Hopefully, Markle will not find herself in a position to use the dangerous training she will receive. The royal family has a 24-hour security team dedicated exclusively to their protection, as well as a personal driver. Even if she is faced with a danger, Markle will most likely be safe enough to stay in the back seat.

Still, this weekend made it clear that her new husband enjoys his time on the road. On Saturday, he and his bride arrived at their evening wedding reception in his silver blue Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero convertible.

The vintage car was originally manufactured in 1968. According to a tweet by Kensington Palace, the Prince’s car has been converted to run on electric power.

Not only did the sports car get the happy couple to their reception in style, it also conveyed a hidden message for those who could decode it. The car had a hidden message in the registration plate, EE190518. The number represents Saturday’s date, which going forward, will be their anniversary.

The two made their first public appearance since the wedding Tuesday at Prince Charles’ birthday party. Soon, they are expected to depart on their royal honeymoon.

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