Are you a fan of the James Bond films? 

Then, your wait for the next Bond movie could be longer because lead star Daniel Craig suffered an ankle injury while filming the latest movie, English website The Sun reported.

The filming of the untitled movie, currently called ‘Bond 25’, had to be delayed when the 51-year-old slipped and fell while running during an action sequence in Jamaica.

Following the incident which injured his ankle, Craig was flown to the United States for treatment and the filming scheduled to take place at Pinewood Studios in London has been postponed.

However, he’s expected to be back “within a week”, the website reported.

No biggie.

This is not the first time Craig got injured while filming.

In 2006, he had two teeth knocked out while making ‘Casino Royale’, lost a fingertip while filming ‘Quantum of Solace’ in 2008, and hurt his knee in 2015 during the shoot for ‘Spectre’.

We’ll have a feeling a minor fall won’t stop Craig at all. He is, after all, the best James Bond.

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