Oh, and Ed Sheeran is in it

Danny Boyle's 'Yesterday' Envisions a World Where Only One Guy Has Heard of the Beatles

Published Feb 12, 2019

Danny Boyle is no longer directing a James Bond movie, but he’s still working well within the realm of catnip for baby boomers. After all, his next flick is all about the Beatles.

Called Yesterday, the movie was written by Richard Curtis (Love Actually) and imagines a world where no one has heard of the Beatles except for one dude. That dude decides to pass off the Beatles’ music as his own, and becomes internationally renowned in the process.

The film stars Himesh Patel, Lily James, Kate McKinnon, Ana de Armas and, as previously reportedEd Sheeran.

Watch the trailer for Yesterday below.

The film is set to hit theatres on June 28 via Universal Pictures.

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