Filmmaker Danny quit as of the new film because top officials did not let him kill off the agent.

Until August, was slated to write and direct the next film, but a tweet gave out that he would no longer be associated with it owing to “creative differences”.

It has now emerged that the “Slumdog Millionaire” wanted Daniel Craig’s character to die in the arms of returning Bond girl in the 25th movie “Shatterhand”, according to

However, Bond boss and Craig himself both shot down the idea. That is when quit the project, leading to a delay in the film.

A source said: “Boyle thought that killing 007 would be a brilliant way to pave the way for introducing a new Bond. But when the dust settled, there was push back from Barbara and Daniel. The feeling was that the audience should be left guessing as to the plight of their man.”

“True Detective” fame has taken up the directing job for the film, which will see Craig reunite with Lea and co-stars Ralph Fiennes, and

“Bohemian Rhapsody” winner is in talks to play the villain, reported



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