The Gazette/El Pomar Foundation Empty Stocking fundraiser is done for 2018, with preliminary donations blowing the top off the $1.1 million donations thermometer. Final numbers for the 35th annual campaign will be released Thursday .

Then came some relaxing fun with a season-ending Holiday Hangover Trivia Night on Tuesday at The Warehouse. Time for trivia buffs, community supporters and teams from some of the 20 health and human service ESF partner agencies to snack on popcorn, sip wine or a brew and compete.

Music from the movies, science and math facts and American history were just some of the brain teasers. One of the most challenging themes tossed out by emcee Jon Eddy was recognizing photos of folks from movies and TV, those “what in the world is his name” types.

Here are some to try out with no Alexa or Siri help: the president who unintentionally created baseball’s 7th-inning stretch, the superstar in the world-famous photo with President Nixon, the famous guitarist who won a Grammy filling in with surviving members of Nirvana, and the values of pi. Add some James Bond and “Star Wars” music, and it made for a lively evening. One team burst out laughing when “What’s Newton’s law?” brought this shoulder-shrugging teammate’s quip, “Thou shalt not steal?”

Taking home the championship title was The Markle Team of Pershing and Christina Markle and Barb and Stephen Magnan. Sharing second place was The TRE Team and The Gazette’s Trivia Newton John.

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