The gambling world has always been an interesting topic for everybody. The massive rewards that are given every day can change a person’s life in a single night. Everybody wants to try their own luck at winning jackpots. Today, that possibility is easy since the casinos are everywhere. The internet made it possible to win at home because some companies even opened online casino sites to make themselves more reachable to the players. All you need is a stable network, the sites provide security and privacy.

The popularity of the casinos made it available for some producers to direct movies based on true stories, or simply to make one up. There is no doubt that the movies and its story-lines are awesome, and fun to watch. The huge amount of cash that is seen here makes every viewer stand in awe, fully impressed and not willing to leave any detail out. Some of them have been an inspiration in real life to some people and got them out of some dark places. They also portrayed a good picture for the casinos considering the threats that are lurking in every player.

Wild Card

Starring Jason Statham, Wild Card is based on the 1985 novel Heat by William Goldman. Nick Wild is a recovering gambling addict who works as a bodyguard. After finding out that a girl that he wanted to date was raped, he heads over to Vegas to find out who is responsible.

Last Vegas

This comedy film follows the story of retirees who go to Vegas to have a bachelor party. The movie stars Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline. While waiting for their rooms in Vegas, Archie goes to a blackjack table and starts winning. That is where all the trouble begins.


Rounders is a 1998 drama film that pictures the underground world of high-stakes poker. The gifted law student and poker player Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) has a dream of winning the World Poker Series. Overconfident, he loses $30000 to a KGB kingpin. The clock starts ticking against him, as he is in a race to pay the money back.


Ben Campbell, who is a mathematics major at MIT, is accepted into Harvard Medical School, but he cannot afford the $300000 tuition. His intelligence in mathematics draws the attention of a couple of students and a teacher, who invite him to a blackjack team, and teach him how to manipulate the game. They soon go to a casino to win money, knowing that their actions are illegal.

Casino Royale

The legendary 007 is back at it again. This 2006 movie, starring Daniel Craig is set in Montenegro. Le Chiffre has some information vital to the MI6. After losing his entire investment of $101206000, he sets up at Texas Hold’em tables to recoup his money. The British Intelligence puts James Bond into play, believing that a defeat could make Le Chiffre seek asylum in exchange for his information.  Casino Royale was also adapted into a 1967 movie of the same name, starring David Niven.

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